středa 1. července 2009

Andy Warhol´s housing project

So here is my last school project for this semestr... This is nothing serious and it didn´t take much time to create. It was for subject History of Art which was aiming on second half of 20th century. To gain some credits we were supposed to create a house for some well known artist from that period - nothing technical, just some idea to prove that we tried to get "inside" this artist - which is really cool and more fun than writing some boring essay that noone would read. I choose Warhol (because I can´t imagine house of Pollock and artists similar to him:). His house looks like ...well, you will see. I tried to do it in a way of some old newspaper advertisements. How would Andy advertise it? And how would this vision end up? Multiplicated as big urban sprawls around american cities?

pátek 19. června 2009

Building in Prague - school project

School project from studio of architects Hájek and Šépka. Part of the building are sheltered sport areas and part is a home for the elderly people.

pátek 29. května 2009

My cousin´s official wedding announcement

My cousin´s wedding is closer and closer so I was asked to do an official announcement for relatives and friends... She wanted it funny and not conservative...

pátek 27. března 2009

Interior design

This was my last schoolwork in Tampere. Colors of wood used to be blue, but I didn´t like it, so I did new renders back in Czech republic and this is the last version. Interior for movie fan/screenplay writer.