středa 1. července 2009

Andy Warhol´s housing project

So here is my last school project for this semestr... This is nothing serious and it didn´t take much time to create. It was for subject History of Art which was aiming on second half of 20th century. To gain some credits we were supposed to create a house for some well known artist from that period - nothing technical, just some idea to prove that we tried to get "inside" this artist - which is really cool and more fun than writing some boring essay that noone would read. I choose Warhol (because I can´t imagine house of Pollock and artists similar to him:). His house looks like ...well, you will see. I tried to do it in a way of some old newspaper advertisements. How would Andy advertise it? And how would this vision end up? Multiplicated as big urban sprawls around american cities?